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2cc Tube Ink

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Is your Digistamps stamp running low on ink? With just a few drops of ink, your custom rubber stamp will be just like new again!

1. Put a few drops on the stamp rubber surface.
2. Wait for the stamp to fully absorb the ink.
3. Spread off the excess ink all over the surface of the rubber.
4. Wipe off excess with tissue or cloth.
5. Stamp a few times on scratch paper until the image/text becomes clear.

• Stamps that use this ink will last up to 200 imprints before the need for a refill again.
• Please refill only with Digistamps ink as other types of ink might damage the rubber stamp.
• Specific stamps use specific ink bottles. Please make sure that your stamp is compatible with the ink before purchasing. If you are not sure, we're happy to help you. We're just a chat away!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TUBE INK IS A FRAGILE ITEM. We will pack it securely, and will not be held liable if the product arrives damaged. Please purchase this at your own discretion; by purchasing this ink, you agree to these terms.

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For international orders and bulk orders, please email us at digistamps.ph@gmail.com.

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