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Regular vs. Purple-Handle Stamps

Digistamps primarily has two kinds of stamps, which are the regular stamps and the purple-handle stamps. One question we get a lot is "what is the difference between the two?" Here we breakdown the similarities and differences so that you can make the best decision towards your next stamp purchase!

Regular Stamps

Regular stamps make up majority of our stamp line.

  • Cheaper, as compared to the purple-handle stamps
  • Can last up to 200-300 imprints before needing to re-ink
  • More stamp models to choose from
  • More stamp varieties to choose from
  • More ink colors to choose from
  • Compatible with only 2cc and 5cc ink

Purple-handle Stamps

The purple-handle stamps are self-explanatory. They're the stamps with noticeable purple handles on it, with a few models as exceptions.

  • More expensive, as compared to the regular stamp line
  • Can last up to 2,000 imprints before needing to re-ink
  • Fewer stamp models to choose from
  • Comes in bigger sizes than regular stamps
  • Most purple-handle stamps have a comfy handle with a built-in spring, making it easy to stamp
  • Limited ink colors to choose from
  • Compatible with only 10cc ink

Here are some of the biggest differences between the two kinds. We hope that this list helps you make an easier decision!