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Stamp Shapes 101

Choosing the right stamp shape for your stamp is one of the key decisions in choosing a stamp. Here are a few tips on how to make your stamp ordering decision easier!

"What do I want on my stamp?"

Think about your stamp content. Do you have a more circular logo in mind or is it more on text? Does your stamp content contain more of an irregular shape or require more space?

"What is the main purpose of my stamp?"

Do you need a stamp that you'll carry around with you all the time? Or a stamp that'll just stay on your desk?

"How big do I want my stamp?"

How big is your intended stamp content? Is it a small point-card stamp or a large paper bag design?

In general, this is a good cheat sheet for stamp shape decisions:

  • Circle
    • best for circular logos, round images, and more compact designs
  • Rectangle
    • best for larger images, longer text, and longer graphics—the design on this can be either vertical or horizontal!
    • majority of our stamps are rectangle and come with a keychain
  • Square
    • over-all one of the best options for irregular shapes, square images, and specific designs
We hope that this quick guide is helpful to aid your stamp ordering decision!